Structural Designing


The following should give you some idea of the steps that I ll lead you through, to get your own website up and running:

We would first get together (either in person or via zoom), to discuss the requirements of your desired site, and look at possibly templates that we think will work for you. (This first session is provided totally free of charge, should you wish to proceed, otherwise I charge £50 to cover my time).

From there I'll walk you through initiating your website, and setting me up as a contributor, allowing me to build the site. During the construction, we shall regularly discuss its progress, gaining feedback and any input needed from yourself, such as copy to help populate the various pages.  Following the initial consultation, I will provide a formal quote for the website you want.

There is a wealth of imagery available free of charge to help fill your pages, but as a photographer I can also be commissioned to provide specific imagery, such as portraits of yourself or other images to suit your brand.

I currently charge £50p/h for my time, but as I know the Wix system, it doesn't take many hours for me to build a site.  As a reference, it took me about 15 hours (£750) to get built and ready for go-live, with probably around 3 hours of that time sitting with the client working collaboratively.

I can be hired at a fixed cost, and for a site like the one above, I can offer a fixed price of £600. Larger more complex websites may cost more. 

I use the Wix website platform, and there will be some additional costs to consider, such as the annual fees required by the Wix platform to host your new site and register your domain name, all of which I will walk you through.

Beyond go-live, the site is yours and I will show you how to conduct any maintenance or updates such as blog creation and customer management, but I can also be called upon to do any work you may need, at the prevailing hourly rate. However, as part of the collaboration, you will find that learn as much as you need to make changes yourself should you so wish.